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Lifecare takes the worry out of healthcare planning, since members receive the level of care required for as long as it’s needed.

As a lifecare community, Peconic Landing provides members, 62 years and better with residential living accommodations with the comfort of knowing assisted living, memory supportshort-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care is available, should it ever be needed. The lifecare contract you sign with Peconic Landing allows you to move from one level of living to another without any increase in fees.

As a Peconic Landing member, you not only receive the unparalleled benefits of living on this campus, but also peace of mind knowing that if and when you need assistance, a familiar face will be able to provide you with exceptional care. With the rising cost of long-term care, Peconic Landing protects you from exorbitant expenses and offers you the opportunity to fully enjoy your new lifestyle. Through our unique equity ownership model, you have the opportunity to truly own your future.

Equity Ownership

Equity ownership in a lifecare retirement community gives you added value. While the lifecare contract provides a safety net protecting you against the rising cost of long-term care, as well as a mechanism for asset protection, the equity component enables you to retain the tax benefits of home ownership without the worry of home maintenance. Your investment has the potential to appreciate and you have an opportunity to finance your purchase, both of which are not afforded by traditional lifecare entrance fee models.

Additionally, Peconic Landing is a wise investment because members of the lifecare contract are entitled to long-term care for life at no additional cost. That means you will continue to pay the same monthly service fee even if you transfer to a higher level of care within the community. In cases where both people in a couple are members, Peconic Landing provides an even greater value, allowing one member to continue to reside in his or her cottage or apartment home while the other resides in the Health Center at no additional cost.