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Who We Are

At Peconic Landing, we believe that when you chart your own course, there is no end to life’s destinations.

That’s why we’ve created an oasis of opportunity for members who wish to own their future. Peconic Landing, Long Island’s only nationally accredited Lifecare community, is a place where embracing the arts fosters creativity. It’s a place where award-winning care supports a vital community. Here trusted leaders govern in the best interests of our members, and equity-based ownership ensures financial security for our members.

We trust that this website is only your first step in getting to know our community. We invite you to visit our campus and discover how this inviting destination can inspire you to pursue your dreams, explore your passions and own your future.

Mission and Philosophy

Peconic Landing’s vision is to provide opportunities for all seniors to realize a sense of purpose, peace of mind and security.

Peconic Landing Core Values:

Integrity  |  Collaboration  |  Commitment  |  Distinction  |  Joy  |  Pride

Peconic Landing strives to be a preeminent senior services provider. Guided by our core values, and philosophy of innovation, we are committed to work in partnership with all to achieve our vision. Peconic Landing is a not-for-profit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Philosophy of Innovation:

Peconic Landing believes innovation is not a singular event or goal but a culture that must be nurtured and developed in order for the organization to lead, learn and grow. By establishing a culture of innovation Peconic Landing is able to:

  • Consistently improve the delivery of care and service to our residents, staff and all stakeholders
  • Design creative solutions to challenges
  • Develop opportunities sustainable through change and transition
  • Embrace ingenuity and unconventional thinking

Peconic Landing’s approach to innovation is built upon a simple foundation:

We are on a continual journey, ever improving, always growing, consistently moving forward in a positive direction. The train must never reach the station but set an infinite course toward cutting edge advances in care and service to seniors.

Our Commitment:

  • To the wellbeing of our residents, clients, employees and community
  • To lead the marketplace
  • To create value for our stakeholders
  • To develop innovative programs and services
  • To demonstrate good citizenship in the greater community