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When I told my friends I was moving to a Lifecare Community, they said I was too young and not ready yet. I replied I was ready. I wanted to be able to plan my life now without worrying about it later. Living in Peconic Landing, I have an independent life, over 300 friends, and my family is also free of the “what are we going to do with Daddy” burden.

Harvey Feinstein
Award-winning rose gardener

I’m very proud of Peconic Landing. Everyone puts their heart and soul into this place and it shows.

Chet Zelenski
Former Southampton resident and golf champion

The people here make the difference. Living at Peconic Landing and in Greenport is like a glimpse into the past in terms of manners and customer service. And the way of life here is like the one I grew up with. People have all different backgrounds.

Bea Jochen
Former English/lab teacher and wild animal skills instructor

It’s the best program for real education anywhere I’ve seen. Participants can be themselves when they learn. It’s inspirational to no end.

Charles Raebeck
Former Director of Education at Dowling College

I run, take aerobics classes and work out in the weight room. I was the first and only person in the 80+ category at the Peconic Landing 5K.

Thornton Smith

My advice for anyone looking into a lifecare retirement community: Come when you have the presence of mind to enjoy the benefits and lovely relationship of the members. It was not an easy decision to make, but I’ve not regretted coming here. My neighbors are wonderful, and I’m glad I did not wait!

Josephine Watkins-Johnson
Lifelong Greenport resident

Peconic Landing allows me to experience radical maturity, the time after professional life. These are exciting years to fill with all the things I’ve wanted to explore.

Connie Denne
Former Baruch College, CUNY professor

The thing I like most about Peconic Landing is the people. It’s the most supportive place you could imagine, where caring people really pay attention to each other. Visiting Neighbors is a group that sort of “organizes” this effort, but the caring goes beyond that. Everyone looks out for each other.

Sue Mihalik
Former Lifetime Learning Director

I’m so gratified that Peconic Landing has achieved CCAC Accreditation. Having worked in a hospital setting, I know how important this accreditation is. It tells people that Peconic Landing is committed to pursuing excellence.

Sylvia Holtzberg
MPH (Master Public Health)
Housing Association Cooperative Board Member
Lifetime Learning Director